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About Flight Replicas:


Flight Replicas is essentially one person - although it's hard to claim you're alone when many contribute or help in one way or another. It began in 2002, with the Messerschmitt Me-262 for FS2004, prompted by the lack of availability of such a historically important aircraft - and the easy-to-use software to create aircraft, FSDS2.24. The success and enthusiasm this model created was enough to prompt other aircraft into production, and what followed was another under-represented aircraft, the famous Messerschmitt Bf-109.

(First Me-262 for FS2004 underway, in FSDS)

The process of researching the historical and technical sides to the aircraft was (and is)a reward in itself, allowing a very in-depth knowledge of both the aircraft and the people who flew them to be gained - perfect for a life-long aviation enthusiast . The process also allows making contact with many experts and pilots, whose specialized knowledge and insights (some through direct experience) gives the manufacturing of these models a richness of experience that could not have been gained otherwise.

My own flying experience as a GA pilot over the past 25 years (primarily in Cessna 172s and 150s * ) has prompted the making of more civil light aircraft - and one to which I can contribute my own (if somewhat limited, generally speaking) knowledge. Perhaps even the building of my own aircraft, a two-seater Challenger Ultralight, has contributed in a small way to Flight Replicas, as well: that was 800 hours of fun, but taught me how to be patient and see a project through to completion!

(In  formation with another Challenger: that's me in there, having  fun.)

With the advent of FSX, Flight Replicas moved over to Gmax as the manufacturing tool, and that remains the tool of choice for now. The first aircraft made this way was the new Me-262 for FSX, and all the subsequent aircraft (L-4, Cub...) have followed suit. As the projects have moved forward, I've continued to learn more and more about all aspects of making these aircraft, from mesh to textures to airfiles, and each new project gets the benefits: and so with luck each new Flight Replicas aircraft is even better than the last - plus keeping up with the qualitative 'bar' which is always moving higher, across the hobby!

(L-4 Grasshopper underway, in Gmax)

The goal of Flight replicas will always be to bring you the most authentically detailed and performing aircraft possible, based on my and other valuable contributor's real-world and computer experience, and at a very reasonable price. We hope you like them.



* The list of other aircraft types in my logbook (although few as PIC - basically just rides with friends):

Schweiser (glider)

Blanik (glider)

Helio Courier

Grumman Traveller

Piper Cherokee

Piper Warrior

Bellanca Super Decathlon

Robin Dr-400


Jodel D-11

Zenith Ch-200

Globe Swift


DH-82 Tiger Moth

DH-114 Heron

DH Chipmunk

Bell 206L (flew across North America)

Bell 412 (flew across North America)

Bakeng Deuce