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Messerschmitt Bf-109K-4

For FSX with Acceleration, or FSX Gold, only.  (Why? Click here)


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Download a free copy of the Bf-109K-4 Manual here.



The Bf-109 was the most produced fighter aircraft in history, with a total of 33,984 units produced from 1936 up to April 1945.

The final production version of the Bf-109 was the K series, or "Kurfürst", introduced in the autumn of 1944, powered by the DB 605D engine with up to 2,000 PS (1,973 HP). Though externally similar to the late production Bf 109G series, a large number of internal changes and aerodynamic improvements were incorporated that improved its effectiveness and remedied existing flaws, keeping it competitive with the latest Allied and Soviet fighters. The Bf 109's outstanding rate of climb was superior to all Allied adversaries including the P-51D Mustang, Spitfire Mk. XIV and Hawker Tempest Mk. V.



Unsolicited comment about the Flight Replicas Bf-109K from Greg “Barfly” Bartos, former USAF pilot / present-day career airline pilot / flight sim enthusiast; T-37, T-38 C-5 and  737 pilot in the real world:

“The K is an impressive machine - I was able to keep up with then out climb the Mustangs and Thunderbolts up to 31,000ft; keep up with the Mustang at low altitude and dominate the P-47 low. A 47 actually dove on me from high altitude and rapidly closed, but the distance was too great. The K really performed in a comparative sense exactly like it should, in the areas in should, and was weak where it should be - namely endurance and poor high speed maneuvering - perfect! It will really impress people with it's performance and accurate character.”


Screenshots: Click Here


A few of the features:

  • Highly refined flight dynamics: can and must be flown 'by the book';
  • Airspeed effects flight control effectiveness;
  • Realistic inertial starter sequence;
  • Working weapons system, including accurate rate of fire and number of rounds;
  • Accurate blue tracer rounds;
    Folding Revi 16B has collimated gunsight; 
    Eight different researched paint schemes;
    Accurate and challenging ground-handling characteristics;
  • Photo luminescent gauges;
  • UV cockpit lighting;
    Droppable Drop Tank, that removes weight and fuel from the aircraft.cfg for realistic performance change;
    Visual in-cockpit fuel flow check for drop tank;
  • Fuel can be dumped when necessary;
  • Working MW emergency boost system, to bring horsepower up to 2000 hp;
  • Working oxygen breather gauge;
  • Canopy can be jettisoned;
  • Working emergency gear extension;
    Wing slats that function automatically depending on airspeed and AoA;
  • Wing slats are audible, as per real aircraft;
    Authentic Bf-109 sounds;
  • 29 page Manual with detailed info about both real and FSX operations;
  • Tested in multiplayer;
    Cockpit familiarization via authentic illustrations - you learn as the real pilots learned about their Bf-109K-4's.
    Paint kit included, in the main aircraft folder.

Please note that in P3D.V2 onwards, slats will not visibly function (although aerodynamically they will continue to do so), and that users will need to change one sound file to a silent version. This does not effect FSX Acceleration users and first version P3D users.

The sound file to modify is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Sound\FlightReplicas\SND19.wav  The silent version of this .wav can be downloaded here .

- Two additional paint schemes are now available, on the Downloads page here!

Flight Replicas does not endorse the use of the swastika symbol. They are included in the downloaded product for historical accuracy only. The model available in this website does include the symbol on the fin when first viewed in FSX; these can be removed by installing alternate textures available in the relevant folders.