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CAC CA-12/13 Boomerang

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 Download a free copy of the Boomerang Manual here.

For those who do not hear the guns firing, please see note at bottom of page.


The complete package contains 3 models:

  • CA-12.
  • CA-13.
  • CA-13 with ring gun sight.

Each model can be configured as as modern-day Warbird restoration, at any time.



The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) Boomerang was a World War II fighter aircraft designed and manufactured in Australia between 1942 and 1945. The Boomerang was significant as the first combat aircraft designed and built entirely in Australia.

Following the Japanese air raids on Darwin in northern Australia on 19 February 1942, the need for interceptors became an urgent issue for Australian defense. A shortage of available fighters prompted the rapid development and pressing into service of the Boomerang  - an impressive feat as the Australian aviation industry had never designed fighters before, or built them. Once production was underway, however, the rapid arrival of Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawks from the USA, and later, Spitfires from RAAF returning from the Europe theatre of operation, however, meant that the urgency of Boomerang production soon diminished, although production of limited numbers continued throughout WWII thanks to the Boomerang’s unique capabilities.

In contrast to the European or North African theatre of operations, the ground war in the jungles of the southwest Pacific was quite often a series of small unit actions fought at very close quarters by widely dispersed forces with no clear front lines. It was in this type of combat that the Boomerang found its niche throughout WWII, as a superb close ground support aircraft.

With good range, heavy armament, and excellent low-level handling characteristics, the aircraft could avoid ground fire in even rough terrain and still inflict heavy damage. The extensive armour plating protected the pilot, the aircraft's simple wood and aluminum airframe capable of absorbing a great deal of battle damage, the ability to drop target-marking smoke bombs for other attack forces, plus two cannons and four machine guns, made for a very effective low-level combat aircraft. Flying in pairs, Boomerang tasks included bombing, strafing, close infantry support and artillery spotting.

RAAF No. 4 Squadron and No. 5 Squadron flew Boomerangs in New Guinea, the Solomon Islands Campaign and Borneo Campaign, with marked success, their operations requiring very close contact with the enemy. The partnership between 5 Squadron Boomerangs and Royal New Zealand Air Force Corsair fighter-bombers during the Bougainville Campaign is just one noted example of the achievements of this outstandingly effective combat aircraft.


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  • Highly accurate VC, with many functioning parts;
  • VC can be configured  as WII or modern Warbird, at any time;
  • Working two-state supercharger (blower) system;
  • Engine failures for incorrect handling;
  • Working inertial starter system;
  • Working weapons systems, including gun firing;
  • Cageable artificial horizon with adjustable 'bird';
  • Gyro compass can be corrected for drift;
  • Working P8 compass;
  • 2 different models;
  • 3different textures;
  • Accurate and challenging flight dynamics;
  • Accurate pilot flight suit and flight helmet;
  • Custom and default sounds;
  • 3D gauges in the VC, for incredible realism;

The Manual and Paint kit are the Boomerang aircraft folder.


Please note: If you are receiving an error message when starting up the Boomerang, or do not hear the guns firing or switches clicking, you may be missing a dll. This can be downloaded here. Instructions included.


Note: Some of the scenery backgrounds in the screenshots are from the payware "Dillingham", by Bill Womack, which is available at all your favourite payware sites.