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J-3 Tundra Cub


To obtain this aircraft, just contact Flight Replicas at the support email address here, and give your purchase information (name, order number, and distributor website). That's it! A download link will then be sent to you at your email address.


Due to many requests since the announcement of the Super Cub package, Flight Replicas is pleased to offer this special version of the smaller J-3 Cub.( To view the basic J-3 Cub package required to obtain this free offer, see here.)

This new version features:

  • 26" Tundra Tires;
  • Upgraded Brakes;
  • Vortex Generators on wings and stabilizers;
  • Uprated 95 hp engine;
  • Reduced texture load;
  • Enhanced flight dynamics.


Based upon a real-life specially equipped J-3, this version will allow you to explore out-of-the-way places, and test your flying skills as you access difficult terrain and small landing sites.

An example of a real Tundra tire equipped J-3 aircraft:

(source: web/unknown. Will happily credit original authors if they identify themselves)




VC (remains standard):




  • Fully clickable and workable cockpit;
  • Authentic flight dynamics;
  • Animated Pilot;
  • All aircraft come with hand-held radio, GPS and Transponder navigation and communication 2D panels;
  • Printable Checklist.

Please note: The Manual and Paint Kit can be found in the "...Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesJ-3" folder.


Despite pre-release testing, a few customers have found that the Cub will bounce while on the ground. This appears to be the result of some systems not liking the tailwheel contact points. There is an easy fix available here.

The lowest-performance computer this product was tested on was a P35, E6600, ATI HD3850. There were no reported performance problems.